Busy September

I am not sure what it is about September but we tend to get busy in or around this month. It's more like a coincidence more than anything, I think.

My work has been rather busy for the past few months already. I am not sure if this is temporary but I'm bent in taking advantage of this 'busyness' for as long as it lasts. But work will always be second to family to me. When something comes up that I need to do with family, then work has to take a back seat and wait until I'm available again. That's just the way it is, take it or leave.

What has been happening around here? For one, we took another trip just before August came to a close. It's a trip across the pond and we were away for about a week. It's a business con pleasure trip and it was fun short as it may be. I'll probably write more about it in the days to come.

Aside from that, the little one's annual evaluation was also done this month. It was supposed to be done last week of last month but because were out of the country, we weren't able to do it then so we scheduled it a week after we arrived. You can just imagine me trying to put everything together for her evaluator. As usual the mother hen, moi, was the one who was nervous, slightly only I must say, for the evaluation. Everything went well and her evaluator was happy with her progress. Again, my worry was unwarranted. So what else is new. Ha!

Aside from that we have been busy driving around as well. We're on a hunt for something and the man of the house will not rest until he finds what he's looking for. Every place he needs to check, I have to be there because he wants me to. I told him I don't have to be there but nope, he said I have to be there....so there I have to be. Hmm???

It's only the mid of September so I can't really tell if we'll be busy with other things before this month comes to a close. Probably. I'm fine with it. We can be very busy as long as everybody stays happy and healthy around here. That's all the matters, right?


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