Drafts Unlimited

That should be the title of my blog now. That's only because I have drafts after drafts in here now. I really need to go through all of them and see which ones are worth keeping and publishing [maybe?]. I have a feeling not a lot...will make the cut.

First things first...it's cold! Not as cold as those up north but still cold especially for someone like me who does not like the cold. The husband is a totally different story. He THRIVES in temperatures like the one we have now. He's actually in shorts when he left for work early this morning. I'm sure he's skinny legs are not very happy right now. Hmp!

Anyway a lot of things happened in 2015. We traveled more than usual, actually WAY more than usual. We don't travel much so even just one travel is already more than usual to us. We had 2 overseas and a couple in other states. It was fun even if it was tiring, especially the overseas one because I got to see family after about 3 years and friends after more than 30 years.

I have no idea if we will travel anywhere this year. Most of the travels we did last year were not planned so who knows, maybe we'll go somewhere this year as well.

I'll be posting some about those travels in the coming days. They are long overdue but I still want to post about them for my documentation. In the meantime, here's wishing everyone a blessed 2016!


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