Family Tree

After more than 30 years, hubby and his cousins finally saw each other again a few weeks ago. They were just kids when they last saw each other but hubby said that he would still recognize them anytime. One of the reasons his aunt wanted to get together is because of their interest in tracing their family tree. Actually, it's her daughter [hubby's cousin] who is really into it. She even joined a site just to get deep into the family's roots. She said it's very interesting to dig through the family's roots as it's very different to what she's been told. She already went so far back but she said that there's still a lot of things to look into and she has no plans of stopping right now.

Anyway, her brother was not into it as much as she is so he and I just talked while his Mom and sister and hubby browsed their family tree online. Interestingly his wife is also an Asian. He really wanted us to meet but she didn't want to miss work because she only gets paid if she works. He said that she's currently going to school to finish a degree she already finished in her home country. A lot of the subjects she took in her country's university don't have the equivalent here so she is now taking the subjects needed for her to get the degree. He said that they had to send her credentials, like her diploma and transcripts to a translation company because they are written in her language. They were hoping that after everything is translated then she can use it to find work in line with what she finished in college. Unfortunately, when they had the translated credentials evaluated, they were told that it does not meet the standards. That's the reason why she decided to go back to school and work at the same time. He said she still has about a year or so to finish everything. I'm not sure if that's all she has to do though before her degree will be recognized. I hope it's all that's needed because she seems to be a very hardworking person.


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