Lotto Millionaires

Nope, I'm not one of them. I wish...:) I'm just not that lucky when it comes to the lottery but I'm fine with it. If I win though, I really don't have any idea how I'm going to deal with it to be honest. But if there's one thing I'm certain I won't do if get lucky like those people that won the billion dollar plus pot last weekend is: I won't be going on national television announcing it. I just caught a glimpse of them in one of the morning TV shows and I really don't know their reason for doing so but I definitely won't do that. I just don't see the logic of it. But that's a matter of personal preference so to each his own, right? I guess it makes them happy to be on TV after such windfall.

So many people, yes including us, got in the lottery boat for the 'billion dollar plus' drawing. That's the reason why it got that high. For us personally, we don't normally buy lottery tickets. We just get on it when the pot gets about half a million. Yep, the less chance of winning for us, the better. Haha. Anyway, I heard that some people even crossed the Canada border to buy tickets. Ha! Since it's anybody's game, everyone has a fair chance of actually winning the prize so I can't really blame those who got on it. I just hope it was done within reasons. I mean, I hope people didn't spend their grocery or rent money just to be able to buy tickets which some did I'm sure. Oh well. Again, to each his own.


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