Winter It Is!

It looks like winter is finally here. The man of the house finally gave in and turned the heat on a couple of days ago. The cold weather was very sporadic in the past few months that it's not worth it to turn it on. This week is probably the first time that the temperature stayed in the 60s in the house so the heat had to be turned on. Tomorrow is going to be a bit warm though...but temps will dip again over the weekend so it's a short break. I believe we're going to have this kind of temps for now so our heater will be on call until further notice .

We're almost midway the first month of this year. Our weekends had been pretty quiet, meaning, lazy, except for the first Saturday of this year. We went to meet some relatives north of us. It's hubby's only aunt on his Dad's side. We got to see her and meet her 2 children. It's nice to actually see relatives for the first time like that. His aunt was very happy to see the husband again...after months of planning. I actually met her for the first time about 2 years ago when hubby's niece and her family came down for a visit. After that first meeting hubby and his aunt kept in-touch but mostly by phone only. She kept saying that we should meet-up one time...for about 2 years It finally happened right after the new year rolled in. Ha! We spent the whole day with her and her 2 children. She wanted us, me specifically, to meet her daughter-in-law because she's also Asian like me but she had to work. After our little get together she called and said that we should meet again soon. This time she will be the one driving our way. Hopefully we'll be able to meet her daughter-in-law then.


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