Celebrating Mothers [and Fathers]

This past weekend was Mother's Day. In a few weeks, it will be Father's Day. Just like any other 'occasion' I wasn't expecting any kind of present at all on this day. Our little one is very thoughtful. She doesn't wait for any occasion to show how much she cares about us but she also makes a big deal [in her own way] out of any occasion...mother's day included. Every year she has something for me. This year she gave me 2 cards. One is store-bought which she handed me first. It's a very funny card that I think she got a kick out of it more than me...haha. The second card is a priceless one because it's her creation. She drew all of her original characters on it and I love it. But if there's one gift that I will always be thankful for on Mother's Day is her. She's the greatest blessing I have received in my life and as long as she's well, I will never want any other present for any occasion...and she knows that too.

Anyway, I get a bit sentimental, emotional, nostalgic whenever Mother's Day and Father's Day come rolling in. That's probably because I no longer have them with me. Sometimes I can't help but wish they're still around now. How life would be like for them now that we, their children, can now give them almost anything their hearts desire. But such is life. I'm just glad that I was able to do everything I could for them when they were still around.

Facebook was filled with tributes for mothers last Sunday. I'm sure the same will happen on Father's Day next month. I came across a lot of posts of praises for this wonderful person we call Mom. I just hope that it's not all empty-words [is there such a thing]. It's very easy to praise someone on his/her special day. To me what matters most is how you treat that person on a day to day basis. Yes it's good to acknowledge that person on his/her special day but it's more important to do that on regular days. Sadly that is not the case for a lot of people....and I know quite a few unfortunately. How I wish I can tell each one of them how I feel and ask them to show their appreciation not just in words but in action as well...not just on Mother's Day or Father's Day but everyday.


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