My Brother and his Music

Everytime I get the chance to talk with my brother it seems like we always end up talking about his love for music. He wasn't much into music when he was younger but as soon as he entered adulthood, it seems that's all he wanted to do. He even formed what we call a 'backyard' band. It's he and his friends jamming in the backyard for fun. Their band even played some gigs way back when but life got in the way, i.e. jobs and families, so they disbanded. But music runs through his veins so he still plays and sometimes composes. He even asked me to check on pro tools m-powered software that he plans in getting sometime in the near future. I guess that's how you do music now, using a software. I have yet to check it but I'm sure it's something he has researched a lot about because he was talking quite a bit about it. I'm glad he's into music and not in any other vices. At least I don't have to worry about him getting hooked into some unwanted elements.


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