In Full Bloom...

Simple joys.

This gardenia is a gift from a dear friend a couple of years ago. It had flowers last year but not this many. I didn't expect it to last for as long as it has because I have a black thumb...I think anyway. It came in a smaller pot so I had to transplant it. I was debating whether I should transplant it directly on to the ground or to a bigger pot. I chose the latter, obviously. I was scared to transplant it on the ground because our last gardenia perished after a couple of years after we moved it to the ground. I don't know why but plants on some part of our yard just don't survive. Anyway, the gardenia is thriving in its pot so I'm not moving it anywhere. It had a bunch of flowers that started to bloom at the end of April.  It's been a pleasure watching it have so many blooms in a span of 1 week. My little one and I took turns in taking pictures everyday. We get so excited everytime a new bud turns into a flower. The last picture was taken on the 3rd of May and it seems that that's the most flowers we'd see on it for this season. There are only a few buds left so I'm a little sad. I hope that it will have as many flowers next spring.

Yep, simple joys...


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