Biking and Hiking

My family and I have really simple ways to bond and spend quality time together. We don't have to go out of town or go to expensive amusements parks to amuse us or have fun. We're happy biking either around the neighborhood or in a park near here. Another thing we like to do is hiking. We've only gone hiking a few times and the first time we did it, we weren't quite prepared. We were not wearing the correct clothes and we didn't do the necessary precautions like putting on insect repellant and such. As a result, we got bitten by a few insects while we were on what we thought was a harmless hike. Anyway, we learned our lesson after that experience. We now have all the repellants we need and we make sure to use them everytime we go somewhere we know have a lot of trees/plants and/or wild animals.

While looking for the repellants, we also looked for poison ivy treatment at because we never know if there are poison ivy lurking in those parks we go to as well. I think my husband pointed one to me in one of our walks but it was not along the path that hikers take. It was a few feet away but he saw it so he decided to show it to me. I don't know of anyone who got close to a poison ivy but my husband said that it can really get bad. That's enough for me to make me buy the treatment because like I said, we just never know when or where we might encounter this type of plant. It's better to safe than sorry, right?


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