Oprah Winfrey is Getting Her OWN Network!


Like she's not busy enough, she's now the proud owner of...OWN as in Oprah Winfrey Network. Yep, she's done it again. Can she get any richer after this?? Oh well, I guess there are still a lot of avenues that she still wants to explore and owning her very OWN network is of them. Actually, she used to be part of Oxygen. But she begged off after realizing that they're not on the same page. She used to have a show there....Oprah after the Show or something like that.

Anyway, she's probably trying to prepare in case, just in case, she doesn't feel like renewing her contract for the Oprah Winfrey Show come 2011. Can you imagine life without her show? No more "Oprah's Favorite Things"!

So be prepared, be ready because the big "O" is going to conquer television. Oh wait, she already did that. I meant as an OWNer of her very OWN network!

Source: Yahoo


Michelle said…
I like watching Oprah's show, I sometimes hurriedly go home after work to catch her show and Rachael Ray also. haha
Mommy said…
wow! fave ko rin Oprah but lately i havent tune in to her show

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