And the search....


....for a new cell phone is done!! The husband finally made a decision as to which smart phone he wants to replace his ancient Nokia 3100 like this one:

He's been using this phone for years and he was happy with it. But for the past few months, it's been failing. He tried to use my Motorola phone but he doesn't like it. He bought a new battery for the Nokia but it seems the battery may be too powerful for the phone. So on to plan B???

He's been looking at some smart phones like I wrote in one of my entries. He checked at the different BlackBerry phones as well as the Blackjack.

Most wireless providers would actually give subscribers a phone either for free or at a minimal cost with contract but hubs doesn't like the contract. Thus making the search longer than usual. But he finally decided on one...tada!!! He chose the BlackBerry 8820.


Ritchelle said…
Super stylish ah..bilib ako!

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