Court Date Tomorrow...


Yep, tomorrow is the day that my husband is scheduled to testify against the builder who screwed 100+ families of hard earned money. The builder, Steve L. Bartlett is on trial for Grand Theft and is facing years in jail if convicted. For those who are not familiar with our story, I wrote an entry about it. There is also an article on the ongoing trial in written by John Frank, Times Staff Writer. Below is the link.

Records tell tale of looted till Steven Bartlett took at least $1.3-million, investigators say.


J said…
hey, I'm back. 'kala mo naman nawala haha. thanks for the b-day wishes.

good luck re: tomorrow's hearing. sure glad to hear the case is moving along.

yung c-boxes, I really took them off. i'll let you know why later on.
Anonymous said…
people like him should pay for the crime that he did mommy jul.I remember nagkaganyan kami 2 years ago kaso di na lang kami naghabol..tinapos na lang ng ibang contractor ung bathroom.Good luck!

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