How's your Weekend so far????


Mine has been a bit busy as usual. I had to do laundry today. You see, I don't have a specific day for laundry. I do it every 5th day. Why? It's a secret, LOL. Anyway, that's out of the way so that's done for now. I didn't make dinner so I ordered pizza and buffalo wings. We do that every once in a while. I like to prepare/cook dinner every night if possible but there are days like today when I just get the feeling of not wanting to cook.

My data entry work has been getting busier and busier so I am trying to balance my time or else I'd end up with no work getting done. By the way, I know that there's a lot of people out there who want to do data entry, legitimate, work at home. Unfortunately there are no openings for the companies I work for BUT if ever there will be some openings in the future, I will post it here...and that's a promise. I don't want to get bombarded with questions/inquiries about it so I just want to get that out of the way.

I still blog everyday but not as much as I used to. I *think* I was able to visit most if not all of my blogger friends this week - not daily but at least once a week. Oh before I forget, I'm still getting errors in a lot of the blogs I visit...something like...."IE has encountered an error with an Add-on and would have to close down". That error usually closes down all of the browsers I have open...pain sometimes but such is blogging!! So if you have not seen me in your blogs that's probably why. I don't pick blogs to visit. I start with "A" and end with "Z" in my blog roll....BUT... I make it a point to return the visit of those who visit me per my tag board or comments left. So if you come visit please haller so I can return the favor.

I have to attend to my kitchen for now. Enjoy your weekend and take it easy!!!


J said…
i think i know your secret. the reason why you do the laundry every 5 days haha.

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