What a Bummer...


So today is my dear husband's birthday. Our little one has been waiting and waiting for this day. As I wrote in my entry - Secret Birthday? - she's been trying to 'trick' Daddy about his birthday by pretending it's her birthday. She's very excited to say the least. She woke up when Daddy left for work this morning a few minutes before 4AM. Yes that early which only shows how excited she is.

Guess what??? She has a slight fever!!! I thought she felt warm this morning when we bid Dad bye bye so I took her temperature right after Daddy left. Lo and behold, it's 101.6. I gave her some Tylenol and we went back to bed. We woke a few hours later and she didn't feel like getting out of bed which is so unlike her. I gave her some breakfast and some more Tylenol.

She's really trying to get on her feet and even told me she's better now and that we can start preparing for Dad's big day. But when we were about to bake the cake she's been dying to bake, she told me she's laying down again. Sigh...Now she's on the couch watching her Disney shows.

Just like any other Mom out there, I fuss over her when she's not feeling well. I just wish it didn't happen today because she's been wanting to have a "party" for Dad [read: us being cooped up in her bedroom with balloons and a cake]. Oh well...I guess it's the way it is.

She's rarely sick. I mean in the almost 6 years of her life she's never had ear infection, never had a cough, had fever maybe 3x including today, had colds once. I am not exaggerating. The most serious one she had was some kind of an allergic reaction to something that resulted to her having some bumps on her body. We brought her to the doctor and she just told us it's probably something she ate. After a few days, the red spots were gone.

Anyway, I'm just mostly venting here. I have to do some work now while she's busy watching her shows. You all have a good day, ok?


Emzkie said…
oi hope she is feeling better now.. its hard for kids to get sick, because it made mommys panic. thats really cool for your daughter sis...im sure her daddy will appreciating everything just the thought itself. =) anyhow i got a tagged for you. just click on this LINK hope the party is a success!!

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