Bizarre Story of the day....


We always read something bizarre on the papers or online. Some of them are worth sharing and some are not. I always read the Yahoo News and there have been quite a few of these kinds of stories so I thought I'd start posting them here for amusement, for fun, or for simply grossing you out...LOL.

So what's my bizarre story of the day from Yahoo about a 'woman that sat on the toilet for 2 years'!!!! And when it says 'sat' meant sat. No getting up I would imagine. For those of you that gets grossed out real easily, stop reading....

According to the news, because of the length of time this 35 year old woman was sitting on the porcelain throne, her skin 'seemed' to have grown around the throne. Oh my. So who called the police to report this? Her boyfriend! Yes, she had somebody with her in the house and it took him 2 years to call the authorities.

Hmmm...if that's not bizarre I don't know what is! This is the bizarre story of today, March 12, 2008.


Wow for real? Seriously? Sitting on the porcelain throne for 2 long years? What was she thinking? What was the boyfriend thinking? Hmm... there are just some things that we sane people can't explain hahaha!

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