Bizarre Story of the Day....Sort of...


Two days ago, I posted my first bizarre story here in my blog. Just for kicks, I thought I'd post some bizarre stories I come across whenever I do my usual online reading. I've been quite busy since after that so I didn't have the chance to read as much as I want and used to.

Anyway, the story I posted a while ago was about a woman who sat on the porcelain throne for 2-years, more or less. As in she didn't leave the bathroom during those years. I think that's a bizarre as it can get. So I am not hoping to find anything more bizarre than that but I will post it if it's out of the ordinary...somehow.

So today, I came across something 'unusual'...not as bizarre as the previous one that's why I'm calling it unusual. I'm sure other people had done something just as unusual or even more 'unusual' but this one got on the news so I'm writing it here. Ha! It's from Yahoo News of course.

The story is about a boyfriend, a girlfriend, a balloon, a ring and nature, the wind, specifically.

Can you guess where this story is going? Here are some more information. The boyfriend wanted to be creative in asking his girlfriend to marry him so he bought a $12,000 engagement ring. Nice, right? If I were the girlfriend I'd be saying yes without being asked as soon as I see that 'bling'...LOL..but, I am not the girlfriend so...Anyway, on with the story. The boyfriend though did not just want to get on his knees in a fancy restaurant or during a get-away and propose. He wanted to do it with a BANG..literally. Well, with a POP is more like it actually.

He concocted a plan. This is where the balloon comes into place. His plan was to put the ring, the $12,000 one, in the balloon. What he wanted was for the girlfriend to pop the balloon while he pops the question. Cool plan, eh? Original - maybe. So he went to enact his plan. He went to the store and probably asked the people at the store to help him out with his "bright idea". No problem. They did so he got what he engagement ring in the balloon...tada! So off he left the store... probably half-walking, half-hopping and smiling from ear to ear.

Here's how the wind became part of the scenario. On his way out of the store, a strong gust of wind met him and his balloon. The wind took a 'liking' to the balloon and decided to take it with it...with the ring in it..yep, the $12,000 ring....and off they went up, up and away. The boyfriend?? He stood there helplessly watching his balloon 'fly away' with his $12,000 ring. What did he do after the initial shock? He went driving around hoping to find the 'balloon' that left him $12,000 and few dollars in the hole. Did he find it? Of course not.

But that's not the end of his problems...oh no. Remember the girlfriend? She had to know, right? So instead of popping the question, he had to tell her that a $12,000 engagement ring is somewhere out there flying around...inside a balloon. Was she happy? Nope. She wouldn't talk to him until he got her another ring! Hmmmm....

Bizarre?? Not really....probably more like "DUH"!!!!


honey said…
Hi ate..You deliver the story very if im in front of you while story telling..bsta maganda cya pagka sulat..
natatawa ako at the end..the DUHH portion..weeewww..san na kaya yung ballon?sana ako maka pulot non..LOL..

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