Clinton and Obama in One Ticket???


You read that right folks!! Yesterday they were going against each other. Today it's totally a different story...sort of.

With the result of the Super Tuesday yesterday where Senator Hilary Clinton won the Ohio primary which they say is crucial in winning the presidency. Says who?? Hilary Clinton...LOL. Of course Senator Obama would not agree on that.

Anyway, during an interview with the "Early Show", Senator Hilary Clinton somehow hinted that there is a chance the she and Senator Obama may just be in one ticket! The only problem??? Who's going to be on the top of this ticket! Of course.

The game is not over yet for the Democrats. It is for the Republicans though because John McCain is the Republican Presidential candidate now. I have not read anywhere who his vice will be..but hey...maybe Mike Huckabee can be it??? Or maybe Mitt Romney. Just some ideas...


Lou said…
Actually it is not just Clinton that says Ohio is crucial, but history too. Every Democratic candidate that has won Ohio in the recent past has gone on to win the presidential nomination. Maybe history will be a little different this year, but as a woman I hope not!

Great blog honey!
Anonymous said…
Hi Julz, this is what we were thinking too. They might be running in one ticket for next year election. Thanks for the visit pala.

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