Done Hopping....and MY Thoughts on those widgets...


Yes I still HOPPED even if I know I there is a chance that I will come across the unwanted pop-ups. I guess it goes with the territory of being a blogger. Anyway, I still came across a few sites with pop-ups like I mentioned earlier....not as much as yesterday though. I made sure to leave a message in the chat box or left a comment in one of the entries/blogs.

I hope that lesson is learned here. I know that having those widgets give us the 'look' but it may not be worth it if it will just make our site a burden.

I remember having some problems hopping a few months back. I even wrote several entries about my experiences here and here. It's not these kind of pop-ups we're having now but Internet Explorer would just shut down which would close down all my open windows. It's usually because of some of the widgets as well as some of them use certain programs that IE is not very happy with.

I am all for making our blogs nice, pretty and well decorated but sometimes it's not doing our blogs any good. I'll be honest here. I tend to skip blogs that take forever to load because of all the 'added' stuff on it. Sometimes it's just not worth it especially if I don't even get a 'hit back' but that's another story.

Anyway, I hope that by tomorrow all these pop-ups will be history.


Anonymous said…
hi momi j.. i miss yah! hay.. d ako makapagblog hop mashado kc super slow ng internet connection.. grrr.. im using my mobile phone to connect kaya ayun, 10 years pa bago magload.. eniweis, ingat sa mga virus. :)


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