It's 11:30 PM...


...and our little one is still wide awake. Yes, she is. I have been to her bedroom a lot of times already since she went to bed at around 9 PM. I can hear every little noise she makes so I have to check on her. Why is she still awake??? Good question...and I may just know why. There are 2 reasons actually.

First is the Easter picnic that I mentioned here earlier. We've known about this picnic for about a month now. I wish we didn't tell her about it but we did...and she tends to be really excited about these kind of things.

Secondly, she's waiting for 'someone'. Who? Not me and not her Dad. This 'someone' comes in the middle of the night. Nope, it's not Santa. He's not due here for another 9 months anyway. It's the 'tooth fairy'! Yes, she lost a tooth today...the second one so far. She lost one last month - February 7 to be exact. I blogged about it that's why I know. She got her coins then so now she's super duper excited because she's expecting the 'tooth fairy' to come in anytime now.

Well, I told her the tooth fairy is not coming if she's awake...but nope, she's still awake. She's in the bathroom as I am typing this. Argghhh....maybe I should call the tooth fairy and tell her not to come tonight. Oh...I don't have her number...Darn!


Sunshinelene said…
hahahaa. i enjoyed reading this post. how can kids be sooooo innocent. :)

anyway, i tagged u here:

happy easter to u and ur family! hug ur lil one for me. ok? tell her the fairy might come tonight. hahaaha

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