Today's the Day...

....that I finally see the inside of a movie theater after 6 years!!! Like I mentioned in one of my posts recently, we are going to see "Horton Hears a Who!" and we're doing it today!! Well, I have not been a big 'moviegoer' but it's exciting today because it's our little one's first time to be in one.

Normally we just wait for the DVDs to come out but we figured she's of age now to go see a movie in a movie theater. I'm a bit worried that she may not shut up while the movie is going on but I am expecting to see a lot of other kids there so it's probably be something that's going to be happening enough for the duration of the film.

We haven't told her though. We're trying to keep it as a surprise because she's really excited about it. I made pop-corn yesterday while we're watching TV and the first thing she asked us was...if we go to see Horton, are going to have pop-corn? Ha! We told her we're going to the new house to check it out so she doesn't know that we are actually going to see a movie.

Anyway, I have to be off here in a minute. I have to finish the laundry then we start preparing for the big 'movie day'...woo hoo!!


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