Well This Just Bites....Google Page Rank Rant...


I was doing some rounds a little while ago and I am seeing a lot of blogs with improved PR. BUT that's not what I meant when I said 'that bites'...LOL. Of course I'm happy for my blogger friends who have been getting the PR they deserve.

You know what bites??? A blog that is basically non-existent has a PR 4!!!! Ok let me backtrack a bit for those who are confused.

This blog started out as a blogspot blog [http://pinaywahm.blogspot.com/]. After a few weeks in existence, it earned a PR 3. I started it in September of last year. By early December, it already had that PR. Good right? For a while it was.

In my aim to make the blog 'my own', I converted it to my own domain. Now, those who have been blogging for quite a while would know that as soon as you do that, the blog's PR will drop to a big fat zero! Still, I decided to convert it. I was willing to take that chance.

It's now more than 2 months, I think, since I converted it to my own domain. It has no PR at all since then. Oh wait, it had a PR3 for a week or so then it went kaput. It's fine by me. I actually stopped checking PR because it's frustrating to see that after all the time I spend on this blog, the PR is still not improving.

Now, here's what bites. I decided to check the PR of this blog...yep, still ZERO. The blogspot that this blog used to be - http://pinaywahm.blogspot.com/ - has a PR4!!!! Yes, a Page Rank of 4!! Now, where did that come from? I know about links and such...but most of my blogger friends had changed the URL already so it's not redirecting anymore. So now I have to check my URL in my friends' blogs just to make sure it's been updated. Hay....anyway, here's a proof of that PR 4 for my long gone blog...Hey Google, can you give that to me instead?? Anyway, they are one and the same 'ya know.

Page Rank Checker


LOL. Taka ka pa?! Don't worry your pretty little head. ako nga NR e tapos alexa rank ko 4M. natalo pa ko nun isang blog na ang total unique visitors e 500 in 3 months!! LOL. anyway. usually crawlers are sooooo slow. hintay ka lang.
Unknown said…
ako rin sis, dati PR2 ang akin then biglang naging zero..since then di ko na nakitang tumaas pa sa zero...hehehehe...

Pareho tayo sis, ako rin PR4 yung old name ng blog ko! Hay naku ba't di na lang sa recent domain name natin ibinigay ano? ang google nga naman oh! :(
alam julz ganon din ako. PR3 yung dati kung blogspot domain tapos i decided to buy my own domain name. so lahat nawala. PR, alexa, technorati at izearanks. so, i started building again kaso ang PR lang talaga ang hinde tumaas. i thought sa April pa ang bigayan since they said google will be giving every 3 months but just last week diba, they were giving PRs na. in my recent check para future PR, may kulang pa rin...on the next update zero pa ako...unless i will find more backlinks.

anyway, i am just here to say: hinde ka nag-iisa! marami tayo. LOL!!

Pinay Mommy
""rarejonRez"" said…
nyahahaha! nonsense talaga itong G. hmp! i hate them! yung binibigyan ng pr yung mga walang visitors na blog. at sabi mo nga, yung mga non-existent. samantala tayo na may traffic sa blogs natin, di binibigyan. waaaaaaah wa na akong care sa kanila. uuwi nalang ako pinas! hahaha!
GagayMD said…
am tagging you for the month's top five blog..am also asking for your support, hope to vote for me..thank you!
HONEY said…
Hello ate J. I don't know about PR. bUT If I got to rate your site your more than 4. You are awesome blogger and deserves perfect 10. Ganyan kita ka love ate J.
Anonymous said…
hey girl..nakakabwisit nga nga..ung isang blog ko Pr4..but onlyu for 2 weeks. tapos biglang zeroed out.

Sunshinelene said…
hi juliana, i think it's not only you experiencing this. i've known few bloggers who got their own domain now (converted) still "zero" in PR but retained or even increased the PR of their original link.
don't worry, maybe soon, your own domain will get the the PR it deserve.

oh by the way, after 3 months, i now got mine too. (4/10) am so happy. hope it could let me earn more oppss hahaha

thanks for the faithful drop by at my blogger blog.

take care juls and hugs to ur baby.

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