Past Revisited...


High school past anyway. Remember my post about my upcoming [December 2009] High School Graduation Silver Anniversary? Well, I just spoke with a high school classmate on the phone about an hour ago. It's a male classmate who is now residing in England with his wife and 3 kids. We of course had a blast talking about our high school life. He used to be the class clown turned seminarian turned husband and father. He is still very funny actually.

Anyway, because of a website that one of the alumni of my high school started we are able to reconnect with long lost friends and classmates. We all have our own lives now but our bond is very strong that even if we don't get to talk to each other often it's like we've never been apart when we get the chance to communicate.

He is trying to convince me to come home for the reunion. It's still more than a year from today but like I mentioned the planning has already started. He said he's coming home to attend it and he has made it his mission to convince me to do the same thing....LOL. I really can't say if I'm attending or not since a lot of things can still happen between now and December 2009. If I can, I will definitely attend it but I am not going to put my hopes on it.


Nelle said…
well at least consider it a bit. :D
That would be fun.

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