"Pregnant Man" Update


Remember my post about the 'pregnant' man?? It seems it's true because Oprah Winfrey got on it and she interviewed the couple, the "man" and his wife, plus their OB-Gyn and some of their friends. I just read that in Yahoo News. According to the news, the interview is airing tomorrow, Thursday, April 3, 2008. The couple also did an interview with People's Magazine and People.com has an excerpt of the Oprah interview.

I was watching the news when I first heard of the news. The reporters tried to interview neighbors and those who were working near his business place. Those interviewed couldn't believe it simply because they didn't see any physical evidence of him being pregnant. They even thought it's probably an April Fool's day prank but it seems now that is not at all the case.

Anyway, if you're interested to see him and his wife, just tune to the Oprah Show tomorrow.


sabi nun buntis, dati daw syang girl na naging lalaki pero hindi nya pintanggal uterus nya. pano yon? kung nga pa sexchange sya pero her/his (it na lang kaya) ay intact, pano monthly nya?


hindi ako wacky.... luka-luka lang LOL
Allen's Darling said…
hi,grabeee na pala ang mga followers ni ophrah hehehee ala ako masabi kc pag-balitang showbiz i don't believe masyado kc more on propaganda..ingat na lang and thanks for always visiting my paged.
Shimumsy said…
i will still be at work pag oprah, sana ma-stream online para makita ko face ng lalaking ito.
♥ CC ♥ said…
I know its too late to comment but i can help it..

nabalitaan ko din to sis..she's half pinoy, bale ung ama nya pinoy..heheh nakichismis lang..kmusta po?

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