Guess what my Middle Name is???


Nope, I am not having a contest or a guessing game here. This is just one of my interesting conversations with our little girl this afternoon.

I was watching a TV show. One of the characters has the same name as hers And whenever she hears her name, it still amazes her that someone else has that same name. Imagine that!

Anyway, when she heard 'her name' mentioned, she came running in the room and said, 'Yes, Mom?'. She thought I called her. That started our conversation. She was talking about our first names and last names then middle names. She stopped when it was my middle name she had to say...

Since I only have 1 name, technically I don't have a middle name here in the US. I told her that and explained to her that I wasn't born here so a 'second [middle] name was not needed when I was born.

But you have a middle name. It's "Mommy"....

There ya go...I guess next time I'm asked what my middle name is, I would have to tell them it's Mommy! And I thought my middle name was "Trouble"....LOL...


bluedreamer27 said…
hay naexpirience ko din po ang tungkol jan sa middle name
i was having a III in my name and im a filipino citizen too so i should carry m,y mothers maiden name
my grandfa wa san american kaso kakaiba ata yung custom nila dun
na instead yung maiden name ng nanay ko eh yung buong panagaln ng lolo ko ang dinadala ko hehe ang gulo no
btw may tag po ako sa iyo have a great day
Gorgeous MUM said…
that's so sweet and clever of your little girl! kakatuwa!
labo naman ng mga kano e. sa pinas middle name e apelyido ng nanay natin.

ang dami naman natin mommy middle name
Anonymous said…
That's what I'm talking about! My son and I had the same conversation about names and middle names too. One of the sign that our kids are heading on the right direction.

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