Happy Memorial Weekend...


It's the weekend...the Memorial Day weekend actually here in the US. A lot of people are probably heading for the beach or are actually in the beach now. Us? Well, not quite. We're actually stuck in the house waiting for a call.

Whose call? The guy who should be putting the sod in the new house...well, not in the house but around the house. The husband is home today actually. He's rarely home on Saturdays as he also works on the weekend. But he opted to stay home...and wait in agony [hehe] for the 'sod guy's' call.

I just hope the guy is putting sod or else they will have one pi**ed customer in the husband here. He hates it when people just don't do what they say they will.

Once this guy calls, we may go out to do some window shopping...well, window treatment shopping. We still have not picked the curtains and/or blinds for the house and we have to do it soon. We may also go to the Philippine store to get some 'champorado' for the little one. She's been asking for the choco porridge for the last 2 weeks or so.

Sunday...grocery shopping of course. The rest of the day is still up in the air. How about you, what's your big "Memorial Day" weekend plan?


Norm said…
hello pretty mom! thanks for the visit and happy weekend. Sana marami akong opps ngayon pero parang wala hehehhe..
Anonymous said…
hollaaa aba musta ang blog hunting dito?

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