T-W-I-N-S for Brad and Angelina


Remember me writing in one of my entries about a rumor that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie may be expecting twins? Well, as it turns out it's not a rumor after all. Angelina Jolie just confirmed that they are, indeed, having twins.

She actually gave an interview to the Today show saying that they're having twins but before it got the chance to be aired, Jack Black somehow made Angelina 'confirm' the long-running rumor that she's carrying 2 babies. Jack Black joked that after having the babies, they will now have their own Brady Bunch. Actually now they will have 3 of each...ya know, 3 biological kids and 3 adopted ones.

Just thought I'd write it in here since I posted something about it a while ago.


e bkt nga uso dyan ang twins? artificial insemination kaya yan?

anyway, as usual mali na naman info sa 95M lotto. mamaya pa pala yon! pag buikas na lotohan (parang gotohan ano)may i go na ako to taya. give me 6 numbers 1-49
Nova said…
niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... i knew that they both will have another child.. and this time? not only one child, but twins????

hay i want to have twins din, para isang iri nlng hehehehe...

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