My Day in Retrospect...


So I didn't have the best day today...what else is new, right? I waited the whole day for "that call"...ya know, the one that would tell me we would be closing already. Nada! BUT...there is a chance that we may - MAY - just do it tomorrow.

The husband said that the lady at the builder called him at around 4 PM and told him that it may happen tomorrow. Finally??? Nah...I wouldn't say that yet because it hasn't happened yet. They gave us a lot of 'maybes' that I no longer put my hope on them.

As for our cable saga, here's the conclusion of it...LOL!

A few hours after speaking with the second customer service personnel, I got a call from their CS. The phone conversation went this way.

Me: Hello?

CS: Hi, this is from the cable company. We just want to let you know that we have a service personnel knocking at your door right now.

Me: Huh? No you don't.

CS: Is this....[she went on to recite the address of the NEW HOUSE..yeah, the one where NOBODY is residing yet because we have not done the CLOSING yet!]

Me: And why would you send a personnel in that address when the problem is here, on this address???? [Yep, I was 'smokin' hot here already!]

CS: Ma'am someone called and said that you're having problems with your cable box in that address.

Me: I don't think so. I called and I said we're having problems with the cable HERE!

CS: Oh, okay. So you don't need service in the other address?

Me: No...etc...

The conversation went longer but I'll spare you the details as it's mostly me being a big 'beotch'. After that call, I had to call the CS again [4th time]. Why? Because they might cut the service in the other house!

Before hanging up with the last CS I spoke with, I asked her to make sure that both addresses have active cable connection. Then asked her to write a note on them: LEAVE THESE ACCOUNTS ALONE!!! Geez!


Gorgeous MUM said…
wow, ang taray ni mummy J! hahaha!

it is so frustrating dealing with things like that!

hope everything works in time of your "closing"!
honey said…
hehehe...tatawa lng po ate, minsan ko lng kasi to mabasa-taray ni lola..hahaha
Anonymous said…
aren't they the most annoying people in the world? i think they are trained to be like that.

good morning dear.
Anonymous said…
wow.. you are one pissed mama...
Prily said…
cool ka lang,Mommy J!hehehehe! but really, i'd encountered a lot of annoying situations like that and i understand how you feel. Just goes on to say that having a new property is another stress. But i am very sure you can deal with it. Being STRESSED is very much okay. it's just DESSERTS spelled backwards! So, SMILE,my dear!

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