It Worked....

My 'wish' for a rain-free day was granted! When I was writing that entry, it was already getting really cloudy that I thought I would have to shut down my computer right after. But nope....the rain that the weatherman predicted here didn't happen in our neck of the woods! Yeah!!

Hurricane Dolly still slammed some parts of Texas but it didn't stay long. According to the news, it dumped a lot of water but the damage is not as they were expected. I'm not sure what happened to the other one but I hope it left us already.

See, wishes do come true....hehehe. So I'd probably write another 'wish' post for it! Ciao!


honey said…
Yay! wish granted. Ako kaya te, when kaya e grant wish ko. Sana bukas na.. *wink*
Gorgeous MUM said…
nothing is better tahn sunshine after the rain!

we're thankful it's been sunny here. hopefully it will always be like this, especially on the weekend! we'll be goin' on a trip!

enjoy the rest of the week!

good that your hubby is back home!
Nova said…
I'm glad na wish mo natupad, I do noticed last night here din, that i might be turning off my comp kasi i've seen this dark clouds outside from the kitchen window while doing the dishes, i thought that there will be this loud thunderstorms and lightning, good thing it was just rain and not loud sounds from the above...

i'm scared of it, hehehehe.. kakaluka noh?

as for your comment:
Life with having a husband? i find it interesting especially when you do actually the same thing, nagtatampo minsan ako, kasi i was really stubborn and spoiled tapos i don't get what i want? adjustment pa rin para both of us, kasi nga we were really bachelor and bachelorette [ano bang tawag sa girl? hehehe]

yon, pero so far, we are doing great, plan everything and doing things at the same time, parang nagbahay-bahayan lang kami...
Unknown said…
thats nice to hear. hirap talaga pag masama ang panahon. buti jan sa florida ala masyadong tornado. have a nice day jules!
Lynn said…
Glad your wish was granted. Visiting u here today, Sis. Hope all is well.

Have a nice day!
Katelove's said…
I'm happy sis na ur wish is granted. Ang hirap talaga kpag palaging umulan. Buti nga dito sa amin d na masyado umulan, hehehe, nakakainis, sabi nga ng hubby kpag umulan "here comes another nusty day". hehehe, Oppss.. ang sweet nman ng cutify girl mo sis. How i could wish magkaroon din ako ng cutie girl katulad ng sa iyo. hehehe. Ingat sis and have a lovely day! Til then.

Best Regards,

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