Lazy Day....

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As in super lazy day...hay. It's a bit cold today so I was just too lazy to do anything. I blogged a little bit...and did very little coding. I just don't feel like working. Ugh! I hope I'd be motivated tomorrow so if work is released, I'd be on it until it runs out.

My shingles are shingles no more...they're now boo-boos....and they hurt! I'm not sure how long it will take before they heal but I'm hoping it will be soon. I still have some pain on my leg but it's not that bad anymore. I'm still thinking if I should take a pain reliever or not.

Anyway, I better stop here and hit the hay. I'm just yawning here non-stop. Let's hope my day will be livelier tomorrow...which I doubt because the temperature will even be lower than 30s only. Maybe I should spike up the heater to 78...then it will feel like it's summer again....LOL..

Night y'all!


BongFlo said…
hi j! buzzing around these parts today... thanks for the visit and the comment. am feeling a bit better now, my friend got buried last sunday and i just offered prayers for him and for his family and thanked our good Lord for his life here on earth. my friend's passing allowed me to reflect on a lot of things in the past days. and allow me to thank you and my other blogger friends for the support. have a great week ahead. ciao!
Elow Boo-Boo! ^_^ Hindi nah Boo-Loo-tong.

K fine, you can keep your "Update" word thingy hehehe. Gawa nalang ako nang pirated version: "So what's New!" Hahaha!

I'm not use to fahrenheit so I had to convert it to celsius hehehe. So 30 degree f is -1.1 celsius ei? Same here. well it was only 0 degrees celsius but the weather was great even if it snowed. Love the snow, hate the strong icy wind hehehe.

Anyway, I also feel lazy these days but seeing my paycheck makes me want to work more so that I'll earn more hehehe.

Later days! ^_^
bakit ganun? ang ginaw na sa temperate zones dito sa tropical zone ay talo pa ang init nun holy week. ang init dito! as in!!!!
Lynn said…
same here, mommy J. was feeling lazy since yesterday. puyat kasi me nong sunday for watching the TOTO concert so ngayon lang me blog hop.

anyways, got u something here...
lazy?? that sounds not so like you. you are one of the wondah woman i have known online.

by the way, hope you can grab and post this:

Unknown said…
You feel lazy and I'm feeling sleepy... ALL THE TIME! Deep sigh.

I hope boo-boo's are soon going away!

It's cold here too. Ugh!
Yeah I know there are days like this and you just want to slack and just do nothing at all!

By the way, I am celebrating my blog 1 year anniversary and I would like to invite you to join my giveaway. Details here It's open internationally. I hope to see you there! :)
Sunshinelene said…
Hi Juls, it's been long since my last visit. Kmusta ka na? I guess ur doing great. YOur blog looks great? E recommend mo naman sa aking ang gumawa ng total make over sa blog na ito. i love the colors. I got one blog who needs a total make over eh.

You can email me at arlenecollado at gmail dot com for the details.

btw, got sth for u here:

hope you can drop by soon. :)
Ciela said…
That's good, shingles are now gone. You don't want your cool weather, while kami dito sa 'pinas sobrang tiis sa init.

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