My Day...


... turned out okay despite a not-so-good start. I took a few hours off from the computer and it may have helped with my Monday blues. Well, that and an hour or so outside pulling out weeds. Yep, weed pulling won over sleeping and I think it's better.

Anyway, I'm hitting the sack in a few minutes. Just wanted to write an update here since I posted about my Monday blues this morning. I'm feeling a lot better now. Hopefully, I'd be in a much better shape when I wake up tomorrow. So.....

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GagayMD said…
hello po!

i hope that you are ok..anyway, seems like matagal n akong di nakabisita..huhuh!am so sorry..happy ox year!

got a tag for you po..
Umma said…
hahaha... that manic Monday is still in your system Mommy J... but its good to know that you were able to overcome it by pulling out the weeds..

See, its one way to unwind, maybe its part of the stress that you feel.. need to have some walk around the park I guess :)

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