The Birthday Party

This is the cute little girl who had a birthday party yesterday. She's the granddaughter of my husband's sister so she's technically our granddaughter. But here in the US, she's our 'niece'. Cool, eh? It makes me feel 'younger'...LOL....

The party was supposed to be a Princess party but none of the guests wore any 'royal' outfits. Maybe because most of the guests were adults. Yep, there were only a few kids who didn't don any royal outfit as well. The party was held in one of the parks near our place. It was like a backyard barbecue so it was very laid back. We had burgers, hotdogs and pastas. Our little one had a blast because she got to play with some cousins who are near her age. She's the youngest in the group so they tried to take good care of her.

And since it's a birthday party, cameras were everywhere...from the tiny ones to the big ones. My husband took a liking to the Canon Powershot that the birthday girl's Dad used to chronicle the event. The camera is not too bulky and it takes great pictures as well. I guess that's what you get from a 10Megapixel camera, eh? My hubby said that he's thinking of getting one for our next camera. Woo hooo....

We had a great time at the party. It got a bit chilly as the day went on but it was bearable [hint: I had a jacket ready]. It was great to catch up with family that we don't get to see often.


Ritchelle said…
aha,i am glad you all enjoyed the invitation.Happy Birthday to the little girl.
J said…
so cute, kaya lang ang lagkit kaya niya, with all the icing haha. kakatuwa just looking at a little one.

nice weather here too today in the high 40's no wind, and they say it will be in the 50's on wednesday.

have a great week ahead.
Ciela said…
Ang cute naman nung birthday girl! I thought I'd see another photo of the li'l one.

Salamat sa compliments, J! Sus, naman! For sure you'll still be like a sister to Erica even when she turns 15 or 25. You're not stressed kasi kaya you'll always look young.
Lynn said…
para siyang doll. so cute!

i'm ok mommy J. hope kaw rin. enjoy the week ahead!
Unknown said…
Sounds like you had fun! And look at that face covered in cake! That's a great photo.

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