Busy Day Ahead...


... for a change. Ha! Yep, work has been released this morning. I'm sure it's not going to last forever so I better take advantage of it. My boss finally answered my question. Actually, it became a question of everyone in the group so she had to send a mass email about it.

But before I go, I better do the 'tag/game' that Arlene passed on to me this morning called: Juliana needs... I'm supposed to google what I need so I did. Here's what came up..

-- Juliana needs you digits...

-- Juliana needs to get regular exercise [yes, she does]

-- Juliana needs to be exorcised [huwaattt???]

-- Juliana needs no resuscitation

-- Juliana needs to eat a cookie [tell me about it!]

-- Juliana needs to book a flight [I do? To where?]

That's it. Thanks Arlene. I didn't know I have so many needs...haha.


Sunshinelene said…
hehehehe i had fun doing this. thanks for playing along. i like your last need sana meron din ganun sa akin.

happy Thursday!
Madz said…
wow this so cool!... it says Juliana needs exercise - well likewise hehehehe... gingawa ko kc ngayon is kain lang ng kain wlang exercise...:)

well I can bake you cookie mommy J, I know how to bake....

thanks for your comments and visits always, mwah wmah mwah God bless you always and enjoy the Sunday with family...

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