Cold but Sunny...

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It was freezing this morning when we opened the door as the hubby left for work. It was still in the low 30s when I got up this morning. It's currently in the higher 50s so it's still a bit chilly. Mr. Sun though is smiling down at us so it's all good. Starting tomorrow, our temperature be in the 70s and that will last throughout next week. Yay! I can finally pull those eyesores [read: weeds] overtaking our backyard.

Right now I'm busy writing down a grocery list. This time though I won't be writing 'junk foods' like last time. That means there will be no binging this weekend...woo hoo! Just a little bit I guess since we're going to a birthday party on Sunday.

Anyway, I wish everyone a great weekend ahead! I hope it will be a relaxing one for all of us.


Ritchelle said…
It's worrying let me tell you,kakatakot si Mr.Recession.

I have deleted my bravejournal blogs,marami-rami na din kasing blogs to keep up lalo na may stalker hehe.Salamat po for asking.Happy weekend and enjoy the bday invitation...take care!

kami dito is -5 deg celsius,lamig din.
J said…
nice weather you have there, kahit pa 30's. we were on deep freeze(read:below freezing) the past couple of days but I think we're getting a break this weekend.

have a binge free weekend!
hello mommy, got an award for you at hope you can come by and visit.
GagayMD said…
whew! whattaaaaaaaa strange feeling nmn un mommy j..maginaw na mainit?anu ba yan?

Marites said…
Hi Jul, hope you're having a good weekend! I got an award for you here

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