Almost Over....


I can't believe the weekend is almost over here. It's been a very busy one again for hubby. He's working through the weekend so it's just the little one and me at home. He's still at work and just like yesterday, he'd probably be home just before the little one goes to bed. I can't wait until this job they're working on is shipped already.

Since our weather here is great, I went to the backyard to take a look around. What do you's full of weeds. I hate seeing them so I started pulling out what I could and guess what? I'm sore all over now! I can barely get off the couch.

So that's how our weekend has been. How about yours?


J said…
weeds, weeds,weeds. grabe na yan ha. I bet you need a hot soak with epsom salt. sabi nila, that is good for sore muscles.
me said…
Wow..galing naman Mommy J..atleast no more lazy bug for you ha..Just dropping by here today..nangungulit nanaman ako...
Unknown said…
Here we are, another Monday na naman :)

How did you weekend go? Hubby worked his butt off seeding our lawn since it was seriously bald and ugly. I hope they grow :)

Have a great week ahead!
DebbieDana said…
Ours was fine. As usual, Dana worked so hard on our yard again. He wasn't able to do that 2 weekends ago because it snowed here in GA. For Daniel and I...We slept, ate then play together most of time... :)

Have a wonderful week!
J said…
hola Tuks! how's your Monday?

ako dito, rainy ulit, kaya ayan I camped in again. my supermarket shopping has to wait, bukas siguro.
Ciela said…
Hi J!
Sobrang sipag mo naman kasi e. Ayan tuloy pagod ka ng todo..
We were out as usual last weekend. It's not an outing though. We were in San Fernando, Pamp. visiting someone in a hospital, fetched her and drove her home.
Monday was a lousy day. I slept the whole day.
Quite back to normal now..
Weng Zaballa said…
hi Juls! ang weekend ako ay super hectic... hayyy! feeling ko talaga kailangan ko ang mahabang bakasyon :)

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