Rain, Thunders, and a Tornado...


Exciting life I have, eh? After weeks and weeks of drought, rain came pouring early in the morning...with a tornado to boot! I think it's the first tornado I've heard of to land near here.

It's still pretty wet out there and it continues to drizzle but who cares....we're in the comfort of home.

I've been watching the news since 8 AM. They've been showing the place where the tornado landed and it's scary. The damage is not that bad compared to that of other states but it's still unnerving to know that it can happen to us....I'm hoping it doesn't though....happen to us I mean.


J said…
tornado...that is scary. glad it did not hit your area.

dito din maulan, but it's nothing like what you have. showers started in the middle of the afternoon and it was cloudy all day.

hope the rain stops soon. have a great night!
Hi. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I enjoyed reading your blog. Nice to "meet" another former schoolteacher turned WAHM. :)
Micawatson said…
oh yeah...very scary, we are prone to Tornado..thankfully this year the weather has been favorable to us and Tornado stayed away.
Ciela said…
Rains agad?! Love naman yata kayo masyado ng rains dyan! Okay lang rains wag lang tornado.Katakot!

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