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Raining with thunders/lightning

What a crazy weather we have. It's been like this since yesterday. It was very hot until about 5 PM then it suddenly got dark. The little one was just asking me earlier why it's not raining. She checks the weather in her iPod and keeps track of it. The rain came in late so she started questioning the reliability of her iPod.

I better get off here before my laptop gets hit by the lightning.


J said…
why not fly over here? we've had some really nice Spring days the past few.

eto ako, hinawa mo LOL. now I have the sniffles. akala ko, it's my usual allergy but I feel lethargic and the usual symptoms ng cold.I don't even feel like cooking kaya F is coming home with food for dinner. take out ulit ano pa nga ba?

enjoy the rest of your evening!
hi mommy J! thanks for the comment on my blog. kami nga din dito eh. it's only supposed to be summer pero it's raining almost every day. di tuloy kami makapag-park ni svet. hehe.

keep safe! :)
Ciela said…
We have a similar weather here. It's sunshiny hot in the morning but stormy like rains in the late afternoons. Nakakaloka talaga ang panahon! Dami pa sanang outing, kj naman ang ulan. Tag-ulan sa tag-araw!

Tama ka,J! Mga ilang tulog na lang, pasko na naman! hay...
Oh my! Pareho pala tayo! The weather here is aweful too. Imagine, it's already spring yet it's raining and snowing. Hopefully naman hindi na mag-snow sa summer. That's Canada for you, Land of the Ice. hehehe.
DebbieDana said…
I agree with ate Beng. Naloka ako sa weather dun sa Pinas when we were still there. We should have been to alot more places sana. But anyway, when we got back here in GA, ganun na naman, it's been raining...But at least, i'm not sweating anymore. :)

Hope you have a great day Mommy Juliana!

Debbie :)
HONEY said…
same here sa PINAS te.. minsan kainis na..

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