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It's been a "semi-busy" week for me. The earlier part was slow but it got busier so I call it 'semi-busy'. Ha! Anyway, we went to the doctor yesterday. Our first stop was at the ophthalmologist for the little one's appointment. The doctor said her eyes are perfect and they're not causing the headaches she gets. His diagnosis? The same as the pediatrician: Migraine. I thought she's too young to have it but apparently, kids younger than her get it as well. He advised us to keep track of the food she eats...which we already started doing a week ago...before he told us to. He said a lot of times, processed foods are the culprits. I guess that's to be expected. Hotdogs & those instant mac & cheese would have to well as cheeses which happen to be her favorites. Oh well....

Next stop was to her pediatrician for the shot that wasn't available when we went there last time. She did a lot better this time. Tears [and a lot of it too] fell last time she had the [3] shots because that was the first time she was getting any that she's aware of. Yesterday, no tears fell. She panicked a bit when she saw the injection but that's it. She looked for stickers though which they didn't have this time around. Anyway, our last stop was for my blood work. It's been more than a month since I started with my medication and the doctor wants to know if they're helping any...I hope so. We stayed in the lab the longest. We went in at around 9 AM and we were out after an hour. There were so many people waiting when we came in.

In the afternoon, the trees we bought last weekend were delivered. We now have 3 more trees here...that means more watering for me and the little one. Our yard still needs about a million plants but we're getting there.

Work was also released last night. It's not much but it's still work. I stayed up late trying to do as much as I could. It's all gone now but I made a few bucks and I'm happy about that. Hopefully there's more coming.

That's my week so far. Nothing planned for the weekend even if it's Father's Day weekend. We will just play it ear I guess. Hubby doesn't want any gifts...what else is new anyway. Anyway, have a wonderful Father's Day weekend! To all the Dads out there.....I hope you have a great one! Here's one of my favorite pics of my Father and Daughter tandem....


""rarejonRez"" said…
Happy Father's day to Erica's Dad!!!

Enjoy you three!
J said…
you had a long day it seems. hope your blood test results will be good this time. brave naman pala si E. big girl na nga ang baby mo.

check out your inbox. yung sinabi mong nawala, nabuhay hahaha.
bluedreamer27 said…
oh this is a perfect timing for me Mommy j
im tagging you here
it was a tag in celebration of the Fathers day
feel free to grab the tag
have a great Weekend!!!
Ciela said…
The dad holding the li'l girl's hand is so touching to look at. So sweet and caring!
Happy Father's Day to Erica's loving Dad!
Sana next time, the peechure would show their fronts not their backs.he he..

I missed this blog!
J said…
hola peeps in the sunshine state!!!! sunshiny day ba or rainy? it's another rainy saturday for us here.

may M enjoy his day tomorrow. any FD surprise for him? or katulad din ng man of the house dito, ayaw ng surprises.

Happy Father's day M!!!!!
honey said…
HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to your Dad and your Mr. right ate Juls... I hope the test will be fine.

Anyways, thank you so much for the birthday greetings. Di po ako nagpakain sa mga classmaes ko..hehhe( isa lang pala yung kasama ko every lunch).

Have a blessed Sunday!
Nance said…
that photo of dad and daughter is a treasure!
Happy Father's day to all dads, grandads and all in between! ;)
Lynn said…
happy father's day to ur hubby, mommy J. (",)
Maricel said…
happy father's day to your hubby, and to all the dads in the world too! :)

have a great day.

Maricel --- Momhood Moments

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