The past few days had been a bit stressful for me. I'm not sure what got into me but I decided to apply for a job that I am not sure I'm 'really' qualified for. Well, I actually do that quite often. It's just this one got back to me a day after I sent in my resume. I'm not desperate to find a job but it would great if I find one that can fit in my schedule. Yes, it's another work-at-home job and IF I get this one, it will open up some really great opportunities for me in the future.

So why am I stressed out? I was scheduled to have a 'telephonic test' yesterday [Monday] morning. I was told about the test on Thursday so I pretty much started getting anxious right there and then. I've been sleep deprived since then. It's been ages since I've had an interview/test like this one so you can just imagine how I've been the past few days. I just didn't feel I knew enough to go through the test but I had to. How else would I know what it's about? Talk about being a bag of nerves walking around. Yep, that would be me!

Monday came and the guy who was supposed to call me didn't call. He got mixed up with the time and day. So we re-schedule it for this afternoon. Guess what? He called me early in the morning today because he thought it was the agreed upon time. He asked if I wanted to do it then. I said 'no way'. I was psyched up that the test will be in the afternoon. Anyway, he called me a few minutes earlier than schedule. I did the test and now the waiting game for the result begins! Ugh! I think I did okay but not great. Whether I get the job or not, I'm glad I gave it a try. I learned quite a lot during the process so much so that I am now looking into getting into this field because I found out it's something in demand.


J said…
just reading up your entry stressed me out too. I can imagine that anxious feeling just before an interview.

at bakit magulo silang kausap? I would have done the same thing and refused the morning interview had I been in your shoes.

hope you get the job. as you said, for as long as if fits your schedule, why not? good luck!
Gorgeous MUM said…
Good luck with the result! I hope you get the job!

Anyways, it was great to finally meet Ate Lena! She is such a delight! I feel like I have known her for years! Super chika but we ran out of time coz she still have to pick-up Ethan and she was very busy organizing their big party.

I hope to meet you too, one day! You 2 are one of the smartest bloggers I know!

Good luck and take care!
@ huling: ano bang work yan at interview pa lang nakaka-stress-out na? baka hindi marunong mag-ingles yong kausap mo!!

yup finally net sheng - hindi sya daldal...matabil lang!! grabe, kulang 3 hours sa kwentuhan namin.
Gorgeous MUM said…
Thanks for the visit!

Sadly my FiL isn't doing that good in the sense that he'll be back to what he used to be. 2 weeks ago, the doctor said he might not be able to go home. But lately he has been in a good shape. So we'll continue to pray that he gets better.

Thank you so much for the thought!

Have a good Wednesday!
Ciela said…
Looks like you're not too busy yet! Coz you're still searching for additional job. Well, I'm positive you'll get that one, with God's blessing!
Anyway, hinay lang, J, baka naman matabunan ka na ng dollars dyan!!(Lol)
J said…
super later hop ako. paano, osbrang walang gana to log on. that account suspension with my host really did me in, as I feel like I'm hanging by the thread. nakakawalang gana. feel ko na talaga mag goodbye sa blogland. add to that the situation sa manila with my Mom. twice a week na ang dialysis niya.

reading your latest entry brought me here... and congratulations that you got the job!!!

and thank you for the comment on my son's smile. god, he really has that signature smile until now. lol

your header says it all: you have LOVELY blessings as well :D

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