Incompetent, Unreliable....


Two words I'd use to describe our phone provider. If we have a choice, we would have ditched them a long time ago...but we don't so we're sticking it out with them...much to our dismay. We only have 2 providers in our area. We already tried the other one and they're not any better than what we have right now.

When I landed my new WAHJ, we decided to get another line dedicated for it. We contacted our provider as soon as we could and ordered the new line. We went over our present plan and modified it to accommodate the additional line and scheduled the 'hook up'. We thought it's all settled...NOT! Originally, a tech was supposed to come over last Friday, no one showed up. When we called they said the order was on hold. Fine. We told them to take it off the 'on hold' status and we're proceeding with the order.We went over the terms of the new plan [again] and they even provided us with the new number. The tech was supposed to come over yesterday, Monday.

All set? Nope. Monday came and nobody showed from the phone company. We called them...guess what they said??? The order is still on hold. Sheeesshhh!! But you know what's crazy? The other parts of the order has been activated already so how can they say it's still on hold? I have no idea but that's what they said. What choice do we have but re-schedule again.

But you know what really stinks?I have to call my new employer and let them know that much as I want to start working [yesterday], I couldn't because of something beyond my control.....incompetent & unreliable people calling themselves: CUSTOMER SUPPORT! Yeah right!


Ciela said…
Omg! Such situation would have had me freaking out. Good that you are stocked with lots of patience, J! On the second thought, what good would it do to if you’d freak out, right? Just yell at the tech when he comes over. Ha ha ha… bad pa din! In the meantime, be relaxed coz everything will be fixed soon.( Dapat lang naman!) And you can start your new job as normal as you can!

Good luck and God bless your new job!
J said…
how nice!! I mean, you. if I would have written this article, I would have named my provider. anong company ba yan?

sorry to hear such kind of service. I do hope they will send a competent lineman soon. that's how it is kasi dahil walang competition.

akala ko pa naman, in full swing na ang bagong raket mo. be patient na lang, ano ba ang choice, right?

ay nako!!! same same here!!!! my phone has no dial tone and repair said wait 3 days pa!!! buti na lang may internet and cellphone.
honey said…
even your pissed your still nice bec. you hide the name of your phone provider... hmmmm! Let me help you kick there A*s ate..
Anonymous said…
PLDT ang sagot jan
J said…
pumunta na ba? grabe yang provider na yan ha. sana naman sumipot na sila, and this time, competent ang ipadala nila na tauhan ha.
Rosa said…
hi che, li man maulan keni. sobra pali. haha nang gagawan mu kanian?

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rosamuth / life in palawan / istar blog / chikka blog / express liife / baby blog and pink precious
blessedmom said…
hello mommy j! nakuuu kakaasar namn yan..i know the feeling..well, hirap maging patient lalo na if it's for the new job, nakaka-frustrate minsan.oh well, patience is a virtue as they say :)...congrats on ur new endeavor pala ha! galing galing namn mommy! :)

hugs and kisses to ur pretty is she? ingat lagi! :)
J said…
late na naman ako, as usual. with a lot of things going on, I can only go online pag madilim na hehe.

sana nakabit na new line ninyo.

it's been sizzling hot here in the Big Apple. but because we're close by the ocean, bearable pa rin, kasi may hangin habagat (tama ba yun?).
Cecile said…
Hay naku nakakainis naman yung ganyang mga tao; asan na yung sinasabi na customer service; imagine on hold pala eh bakit di man tang tumawag para di kayo naghihintay sa wala! grabe!

sana sumipot naman sila sa usapan, di ba?

cheer up, Jules, madagdagan na naman yung wrinkles mo(joke lang to make you smile)!
Ciela said…
Musta ka na din dyan, J? Okay na ba ang line nyo? I just hope everything is smooth sailing by now.

Holiday ngayon dito coz it's Ninoy's death anniv but didn't go out. Am still tamad to move.

Yes, weekend na nman!Ang bilis!
DebbieDana said…
Oo nga naman, anong phone provider meron ba kau? Name names na lang, kaasar sila eh, hehe!

Anyway, thanks for taking time to visit our blog inspite of your tight schedule having a new job. :)

Hope you enjoy the weekend!

Debbie :)
J said…
hello!!!! line is up na ba?

anyway, eto ako, asar,kasi my laptop crashed. right after the kulogs and kidlat, I logged on and ayan from out of the blue wala lahat. I had to restore everything from the backup. buti na lang updated ang backup.

any plans this weekend?
Anonymous said…
hooorraaayy greeting you from the beautiful island of Maui! Musta na kayu ken, taksyapu naman ing phone provider ayan ot makanyan la.

Enjoy the weekend!

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