Going backwards???


Our very first camcorder is a Panasonic and it's called a 'palmcorder'. We got it when the little one was only a few months old so it's almost as old as her. As new parents we wanted to capture every single thing she did, of course. One of the very first captures we have of her was when she first started 'laughing'. We were able to record most of her 'firsts' using that palmcorder and we have numerous homemade DVDs to prove it.

But just like everything else, it conked out on us after a few years. It's also becoming out of style slowly but surely. It's a good thing it conked out because smaller and much better camcorders are coming out so it was becoming a bit 'embarrassing' whipping it out in public places. Last Christmas, I got my hubby a more 'up to date' camcorder as a present and that's what we've been using since then.

We are still keeping the 'palmcorder' though. This weekend, we decided to dig it out, not to use it but to retrieve a couple of videos. We realized that we have a couple more videos that are not on a CD yet. Well, that proved to be a problem because it won't respond to any command once we hooked it up on the computer. Ugh!

So I thought of 'going backwards'. Our television which is about 10 years old has a built in VHS player/recorder. I can hook up the 'palmcorder' to it and play it on the TV set. It worked!!! I was able to watch the video via the TV. Now all I have to do is locate some unused VHS tapes so I can record those videos. Talk about going backwards, eh?


Mylene said…
Sometimes it is nice to go backwards for a change :)

Thank you for visiting my site and for sharing your input.

I am adding your link to my list and I am grabbing your badge as well. Would it be possible that you also add my link?

Thanks again.
honey said…
Hi mommy J,
visiting you today. I'm not feeling so good As I felt like coughing * aha! aha! aha! *...

Have a blessed Thursday!

J said…
sige, pabalik tayo. we still have a VHS player and still working. all our home videos are on VHS, worse, most of them are on mini DV na hindi pa rin na transfer sa CD or kahit VHS man lang sana.

how was your Tuesday?
Ciela said…
Hi J! Ako naman I am trying to transfer the old VHS and betamax videos to some CDs. Pero hindi ko pa rin nagagawa. Wla kasi akong patience sa ganon e. Sayang lng kasi ung mga videos dahil more than 20 years old na. Buti ikaw, mapasensya ka sa ganyan.
Nance said…
Hey J!
I did the same thing when our little one was born. I recorded a lot of firsts and took picture almost daily! then it became weekly, monthly and by the time our second child was born, (and i feel bad about it) occasionally. But i taped/recorded a lot of first of him though, but not pictures. :(
J said…
our videocam eh maliit naman na and hindi pa naman odd to take out in public. in fact, pwede gamitin memory stick(sony) but nakagawian to use mini DV for recording. nakakaaliw to record videos but never really got to transferring them sa VHS or CD. grabe, ang dami.

here late, ano pa nga ba. lagi naman di ba?
wow. trip down the memory lane ito. parang i want to whip up our old vhs tapes din tuloy. hahaha. as if naman gumagana pa yung player namin. niahaha.

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