Last Week...


... of the first month of 2010.

Days are flying by. I hardly feel accomplished nowadays because work has been slow but I'm still very thankful because the husband has been busy at work. Busy is good even if we don't get to spend much time with him. He's been planning to take a break after their last job but they have a deadline to meet again so the break won't happen just yet.

Some not so good news have been coming my way as well the past couple of weeks. It's nothing that affects me directly but something that makes me think how fragile life is.

Since we just had our high school batch's silver jubilee [Dec 31, 2009], my classmates and I have been in constant communication. It's great to be in touch with them again especially to those whom we haven't heard from or seen in the last several years. As expected, the reunion was both a happy and a sad occasion. Why can't it just be a happy one? It's the reality of life, I guess.

One of our classmates passed away a few weeks after the reunion. As I've written here, he 'seemed' to be healthy during the General Assemble in June 2009 but such was not the case. In Nov. 2009, he was admitted to the hospital and was told both his kidneys were only 16% functional. He had renal failure and was confined right after the holidays until his demise. He was only 42 years old.

Another sad news is about one of our high school teachers. She's battling colon cancer at the moment and is given only a couple of months to live. She was my homeroom teacher in first year so she's always been special to me. Just like our late classmate, everything was all so sudden in her case. She started going to the doctor only in October 2009 and everything went downhill from there.

I have not seen these 2 people in years, at least 10 years. But for some reason, their predicament is kinda' hitting me hard. Maybe because it came during the time when we should be celebrating instead of mourning. But what can we do? We know that when it's our time, we need to go. I just hope and pray that when mine comes, I'll be ready.


I'm so sorry about your loss ate J. It's always depressing when these things happen but as you said it's one of those bad parts of life... saying goodbye.

Anyway thanks for stopping by sa blog ko. Busybusyhan ako sa school hahaha. Ok naman ang school, it's everything I've wished for except for the having to work part because I need to pay for my utangs hahaha!

Who ever made the customer is always right is so wrong... I'm sure that it's the customer who made that up hahaha. I'm planning on switching jobs again (palagi lang ako nag-jo-job hopping hahaha). This time gusto ko mag-work as home care aide. It's more physically and emotionally draining but it's related to nursing and the pay is way better. Kahit sigawan niyo ako, go basta bayaran niyo ako hahaha. Tapos na ang interview ko, just waiting for the phone call for orientation. Wish me luck lol!

Hope you have a good week ahead. Don't work too hard! ^_^
J said…
oo nga,nakakalungkot but as you said,life is fragile.

nasaan na yung pic ni E sa next post?

anyway, I'm feeling a lot better today kahit maulan dito. yesterday, was miserable for me as I was really clogged up. buti ngayon mas ok na.

even if I'm also feeling blue here, here's sending some sunshine your way. have a great week ahead!
J said…
hala, at paano na namin masisilayan ang paglaki ng dalaga mo? nagbaba na pala ng martial law si M. paki-sabi huwag naman siyang KJ hahaha.

have a good night!
Hello Mommy J! Thanks for visiting my blogs. Was not able to hit back immediately because of my PC. I was made busy after reformatting it.

I am sure when our time comes we are ready. Let's just hope that it would not be too soon. I sure wish to see our children grow until they have families of their own.

Anyway, I think these events are just reminders for us also. Kailangan mag live a healthy lifestyle na. Hehehehe... hinde dapat abuso sa katawan.

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