8 Things Tag...Part 2


I started this tag from Nova a few days ago. The first part is a few posts below. The tag is originally called: 8 Things You Should Know About Me...but I seem to be having a hard time coming up with 8. Seriously. So I may have to revise it a bit and just come up with how many I can come up with. How's that?

3 Things I'm Passionate About

1) Family
2) Work
3) Life

8 Words/Phrases I often Use

1) Are you okay?
2) Bilis! [Hurry up]
3) Talaga naman!
4) Drive Safe!
5) Concentrate
6) Nananu ka? [What are you doing?]
7) Love you!
8) I'm tired!

6 Things I learned from the Past

1) Everything happens for a reason!
2) Life is fragile.
3) Be happy with what you have.
4) You are responsible for your own actions.
5) Let bygones be bygones...
6) Tomorrow is another day...

I won't be tagging anyone...but if you would like to snag it, then go ahead and do so. Remember, the first part is found HERE...


rjs mama said…
i can definitely relate with "bilis" and "tomorrow is another day"

hope you can visit and leave your mark on my blogs :)
my real story
my minute maid
Nova said…
thank you so much for doing the tag, it helped me keeping some updates with you.. kamusta na kayo? meron na bang kapatid anak mo?
J said…
hola! late ako kasi nag oversleep na naman. ano pa nga ba ang bago hehe.

buti kayo you had nice weather there today. we are waiting for another snowfall mga 2 inches lang naman daw. nakakapagod na nitong malamig na lugar.

enjoy your Martes.
Honney said…
hi, mommy! wow, this is a nice tag. i might do this as well within the week.

have a blessed day!

J said…
early ako but I didn't beat you.

I have a derma appointment today, vain kasi hehe. kaya kailangan maaga ang gising.

buti kayo nice na dyan. it's cloudy and snowy dito, and we have another storm coming this weekend.

sana maayos ang Wednesday ninyo.
bluedreamer27 said…
i agree with that "everything happens for a reason"
nice tag i enjoy your answers mommy J
have a great day and happy blogging

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