Yep, the seeds that we sowed last weekend started to sprout late this week. That didn't take long, did it? The little one is the one tending to them so you can just imagine how excited she was when she saw the little sprouts. She's been watering them first thing in the morning everyday....sometimes still in her sleep attire.

Now that we're seeing 'life' out of the seeds we planted, I have to worry about something...where to plant them. We have a big enough yard for them but finding a spot where they will actually thrive is actually tricky. I am considering getting those big planters and just plant the seedlings in them. I have about maybe a week to come up with a decision so I better start coming up with options before they get way too big.


Lynn said…
oi nice! remembered Yogi's monggo planting at school. he was so delighted to see it growing every day.

anyway, PR2 site mo mommy J! (",)
Gorgeous MUM said…
Hello, Mommy J!

Good to know that your pretty not-so-little daughter is into a lot of activities around there. Good luck!
bluedreamer27 said…
sarap nyan iluto... yum yum...

by the way, hope you like to see who's my Interesting Blog of the Month- March 2010

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