Labor Day Weekend Ordeal

My lazy weekend turned into an aggravating one. Thanks much to the pesky virus that don't seem to take any day-off. It's very frustrating to say the least. This time around, the virus was from some place masked as an anti-virus software pretending to 'protect' your computer from a so-called virus. Grrrr.....

Good thing my computer geek was off work so he was able to do something about it. The virus was able to block almost all of the virus/malware/spyware scanners I have on my computer so he coudln't run the tests except with my computer on Safe Mode. After almost a day of tinkering with it, I now have my computer back. I'm scared silly to open any website thinking that a virus is waiting for me on the site.

I missed some work and I spent the day worrying I won't be able to get my files back instead of having a lazy & relaxed weekend as I originally planned...but I'm glad I have my computer back. Hopefully, I won't have to deal with this again...which I doubt, of course.


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