Another toothfairy 'ooppssie'


So the little one lost one her lower incisors 2 days ago. I thought she won't be expecting the toothfairy anymore since she's 8 already. I was wrong. As soon as the tooth came out - she pulled it out actually - she said the TF will give her more coins. Huh? I almost asked her if she still believes in the TF. I didn't ask....for selfish reason. I'm still to enjoy whatever 'babyness' [is that even a word?] is left in her.

Anyway, she put the tooth under her pillow that night. Guess what? The TF didn't come by...opps! Hmmm...again? Yep, the TF also had a no-show at one time. Here's that little story which I of course posted here in my blog. She woke me up waving the tooth and the empty plastic jar and telling me that the TF didn't visit her. I just told her maybe the TF fell into deep sleep. Her reply: Maybe she ran out of money. Ha! She went back to her bedroom and wrote the tooth fairy a note and put it back in the jar with the tooth. Whew!

Last night, TF finally showed up. The little one cannot be any happier because instead of coins, she got dollar bills - 2 of them. Apparently, TF ran out of coins that's why she wasn't able to drop by the previous night. Sweet! LOL...


Anonymous said…
Dara, mas okay ne pin ngeni kasi i joe ku minsan minsa na mamaku anyang atyu ke pa keng DC weekdays ala ya keng bale weekend kami mu miyayabe kaya pane kaming magdate.

Dapat i joe mu ing manyukle keka para sulit ing kaba na neng bwak mu. kapagal ku siguro nung aku ing makaba bwak.

O sige mangan ku pa kadaratang ku pa eh.

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