Before & After


Like I mentioned in my post earlier, I finally had my hair chopped after almost 10 years. Here are the before and after photos of yours truly...

A lot hair gone, eh? My head feel a lot lighter now since more than a foot was taken off. I am now getting ready to send the hair to Locks of Love so someone who needs it can use it.


Ciela said…
Hello Huling!
Wow, lovely new you! Lalong mai-in-love nyan si M. I'm sure your head feels a lot lighter after the make-over. Kaya lang parang nakakahinayang di ba? To think that you have it for ten long years, di ka ba naiyak? he he.. Don't worry, worth it naman eh! Tapos magagamit pa ng iba yung hair piece. Kind heart indeed!

Good night Huling! Almost 12mn na dito. See you again. Ingat!
J said…
yoohoo!!!! lalo akong nainspire to chop mine off. that must be some weight off your head. lovely new look!

late mo nag hop last night.sleeping beauty na ako at that time. ngayon lang ako online,ang daming errands kasi.

have a great week ahead!
Anonymous said…
Dara, taksyapu ot pepaurud kang makanyan? Pero bage mu kase lalu kang melagu. Masakit kasi istung makaba ka bwak at mangalagas la ngan aku makanyan ku mu nman kaya pepaurud ku.

kaba na neng bwak mu neh.

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