Shoes here, there, and everywhere. Like I mentioned in my other posts, I am not an impulsive shopper...even when it comes to shoes. With that being said, I have to admit, I also like shoes just like every other woman out there. I guess what they say that it's part of our DNA is true. As early as now, I can tell that the little one likes shoes. I can only hope that she likes looking at them more than buying them. It's fine if she wants to buy more than me as long as she can afford them, right?

Anyway, when I opened my email today I saw some shoebuy coupons in there. What will a girl do if she sees shoes & coupons in the same line? Look for the best shoes to buy of course. Well, I haven't bought any...yet. I just looked around the site to see if there's a pair that wil catch my eye. Nope...there's more than one pair that caught my eye. I have to bookmark a few and will try to sleep on it. Maybe tomorrow wneh I wake I'd be able to choose just a pair...or two. My birthday is coming up in a few days, maybe I'll take the husband's offer and let him buy me a pair of shoes on my birthday. Just maybe....


Hi Ate J! It's great that you have self-control. I wish I was the same. That's why I stay away from shops LOL!

What is it with women and shoes btw? LOL.

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