Really Now...


Earlier this week, the little one asked Dad what the nail file [that she found in the grooming kit we use] is for. Dad explained to her that it's used to trim or mainain nails. Yesterday, she asked me if she can have the nail file. I said no and that we'll get her a grooming kit just for her as soon as she needs it. As it is now, I still trim her nails for her. She said that she NEEDS it already. I just said not yet. Her reply...'Can't a young lady have something like that?' Did she just say she's a young lady??? Really???

I told Dad what she told me and he just smiled and chuckled. I know she's 'almost' a young lady but this mother is still in denial...big time. Also, isn't this so-called 'young lady' the one bouncing around the day before because she's excited for a visit from a tooth fairy? Nah, it can't be. She can't be a 'young lady' who still believes in the toothfairy, right? Tell me I'm right...


Ciela said…
Ain't she in the stage they call -tween? Just be-tween a li'l girl and a young lady?
Nakoh.. ilang tulog lang yan.. kagulo na mga boys sa kanya! Kaya kung ako ikaw Mommy Huling, I'll ready myself this early. Lol!

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