401K Money


About a year ago, one of the first companies I worked for was bought out by another company. Unfortunately, one of the departments they phased out as part of the shake-up was the department where I worked. I really loved working with this company because we were given some benefits that other companies won't give work-at-home employees like me. For one, they deducted taxes from our bi-monthly pay. That's one less headache when it's tax time since they filed it for us. But the one benefit I really liked was the option for us to contribute to a retirement account like the 401k. It felt good knowing I was able to set aside some money for the future even if I am a work-at-home Mom. Unfortunately that had to stop as soon as the company was bought out and we were let go.

Right now, I have my 401k sitting idly in some retirement fund. Honestly, I have no clue what to do with it. I can probably move it to another company where it can earn something or maybe I'll cash it out and I'll just use it to buy gold coins or bullions. Hubby has been asking me to do something about it since it's been almost a year since its last activity. Hopefully I'll be able to figure out the best thing to do with it sooner or later. Or maybe I can just ask the hubby to take over. Only problem is...he's a bit busy to attend to it. Ugh....help?


Ciela said…
Generous yung previous company mo ha, Huling? Don't know what to do with the fund? Pautang mo na lang sa 'kin! ha ha ha!

See yah again!

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