Young at Heart...


That's probably one of the older generation's favorite line. And when I say older generation, I now actually mean...ME! Ugh! Yes, I am admitting that I am no longer a young one. Young at heart, yes. If there's anything that makes me more aware that I am indeed getting older, it's the physical changes I've been noticing. And no, I don't only mean the outer physical changes that I see when I look at the mirror. It's also the aches and pains I'm starting to notice more and more everyday. I think I will be needing an msm cream sooner than I thought I would because of the joint pains that keep on bothering me. It used to go away after taking a tylenol or two but it's no longer the case. Hubby said I might have some form of an arthritis which I also think but I don't want to go to the doctor telling him every little aches and pains I feel. I will one day when I'm ready to be told that yes, I am indeed gold to my face.


Anonymous said…
Dara, ali ku pasku muli baka feb pa kasi ing boss ko pto yang pasku 2 weeks kaybat kanta spring enrollment kaya ali ku makalako.

Ituke mu namu i joe mu pati ing prinsesa mu bang makabakasyun la naman.
Ciela said…
I don't think kailangan mo na yan Huling! Bulls eye yan sa 'kin! Lol! Aside from once in a while arthritis maybe pwede yan sa pains nitong foot ko na na-accident. It still aches till now eh..

Tagal ng family bonding time nyo ha?! Ang saya ng pricesa!

Last day of the long weekend here. Kaya chilling out pa rin!

Have an enjoyable new week! Ingat!

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